Enough with the Mum shaming!

You are way too young for a baby.

You are too old for another kid.

Maybe think about abortion you really can’t afford another kid.

Abortion is murder in my eyes.

Stay active during this pregnancy you don’t want to get too fat it’s harder to lose at your age!

You are eating for two now you need to really eat more.You shouldn’t eat that though, that will kill your baby…

You should definitely test for downs, you need to know and be prepared if you are going to have a special needs child’

I can’t believe you’re going to do the downs test, I chose not to because I would keep it anyways!

Go and check why baby is not moving as much RIGHT NOW! Panicking is your only option!

You are being dramatic, baby is fine but your stress passes to the baby you know!

Have an all natural birth no matter what or you are risking your babies life and could make them less intelligent and drugged out. Addiction is a real threat.

Just Take the drugs, people like you piss me off having something to prove!

If baby is breach trying to turn them is dangerous just have the cesarean.

Don’t you dare take the easy way out, you’re not really giving birth if you have a c-section you know?

You have PND you need medication not to do this on your own.

Omg it’s just the baby blues, PND is just an excuse for laziness.

Co-sleep it’s good for bonding with your baby if you don’t you are just cruel!

Don’t so-sleep you could roll on them and hurt them and you’ll never get them out of your bed!

Woman and daughter laying in bed smiling

Breast is best!!!!! Formula is just poison you are feeding your baby poison, murderer!

Stop feeding that child she is 18 months already, that’s just nasty. And feeding her in public with your tits out?


You only BF for three months…SHAME!!!!

Just stop feeding it’s causing you too much stress and is affecting bub.

I am SO fucking tired of the Mum shaming that is STILL happening day in and day out from the moment we fall pregnant about every choice we make up until we fucking die!

Here’s some actual useful advice, don’t be a c*nt!

Unless someone else’s choices are directly affecting you or your child then stay out of it!

When you see a mum crying in her car don’t go up to the window and tell her that her babies going to die in an accident because she didn’t buy the safest brand seat, go and ask her if she is ok and offer her an understanding ear.

If you visit a friend and her new baby and her house is a mess and the other kids are living on cheese toasties and 2 minute noodles and you can see she isn’t coping, don’t assume she is lazy or a slob, be a friend and take over a few meals to throw in the freezer. Comfort her and assure her you are there for her and she is not failing.

STOP the ‘I told you so’s’ and ‘if you had of listened’s’ and start remembering what it was like for you, how you felt when everyone from your mum to your MIL to your Aunty’s neighbours goldfish started firing opinions at you instead of actual advice and if you are about to start your sentence with ‘I don’t want to offend you but’ ABORT MISSION!

Your need for your opinion to be heard and to be right should not be greater than your desire to genuinely help another mother when she needs you most.


14 thoughts on “Enough with the Mum shaming!

  1. It’s hard enough! I love the advice about helping instead of judging. Years ago, i saw a list on facebook of things you can gift new parents. It was all pratical stuff like coming to visit to help watch over kids while they get stuffs done. I loved the list back then.

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  2. Ugh, I hate when parents are made to feel like their efforts are worthless or “wrong.” If your kid is happy and healthy, you’re doing parenting right!

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  3. Well said. It is hard enough being a parent. Worrying about what others think makes it even harder. We are all doing the best we can each and every day. We need to lift one another rather than tear each other down.

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