Yes I have 4 kids and yes they are all girls..

‘Oh wow another girl!! You didn’t give poor daddy his boy, you’ll have to keep trying!!

I can not tell you how many times people said that to me with each pregnancy announcement and never quite understood other people’s disappointment in my bringing little human into the word regardless of gender.

I was young and let the comments slide mostly thinking it was just because we had an overwhelmingly imbalanced girl to boy ratio in the family but over the years I’d heard these remarks made constantly to friends and family and then a few days ago I saw a very similar comment made by one mum to another mumma expecting her 4th girl on a group I follow….’oh no, poor daddy!!!!!


What sort of fucking comment is that?

Suggesting that being surrounded by all girls is a bad thing somehow in front of young girls can be so damaging, it is once again enforcing the belief that they are somehow inferior to boys, like they were a mistake or not good enough. I was that girl always feeling like if I had of been a boy then maybe I would of been wanted. Maybe I wouldn’t of been put through so much if I had of been what people around me so clearly wanted, the gender lotto winning male.

And just a little heads up, it was daddy’s little winning swimmers that determined those 4 little girls so don’t come at me with your ‘poor daddy’ bullshit Janet go and yell in CAPS LOCK at the man about YOUR obvious distress about the gender of OUR babies….

It is not like it was by choice that a woman would deny her husband or partner the son that he obviously wanted …….according to Stranger on the internet. But

Implying that we somehow lucked out by having children of the same sex feels a little bit shitty, my girls and I have an amazing bond. We have fun together, we laugh together and although we are separated their father adores having all girls (gasp!)

Father and three daughters at aquarium kneeling down sitting on a statue

It seems as women we can not win, everyone else is telling us what to do with our bodies

2 boys ‘you MUST try for a girl!

2 girls ‘you MUST try for a boy!

Pigeon pair ‘DON’T have another one it’ll throw the balance out!

3 kids ‘you might as well have another one now to make it even’

4 or more ‘don’t you own a tv?

I am really happy to have complete control over how many babies come out of my chooch thanks Chad so please leave your opinions about my body and what you expect from it at the door before stepping into my personal space.

I LOVE my ‘all girl’ clan and wouldn’t change it for the world Fuck, I’d love to add more little girls to my lot some day.

Woman sitting with 4 girls smiling. Mum sitting with her four daughters. Woman sitting with a teenage girl and two tweens and a girl toddler

You need to stop and consider your comments because you have no idea what we may of went through to fall pregnant. You do not know if we can afford another child or not or of if we have suffered loss or fell pregnant against all odds so decided that this little miracle was meant to be brought into the universe..

Maybe daddy was ecstatic to have another girl has anyone considered that daddy just wanted a healthy baby regardless of gender?!

Maybe we actually wanted another girl or maybe we didn’t but if we are doing a gender reveal to you personally or even on FB and we seem happy and excited or even if we don’t for that matter, try to feign excitement for us and not make shitty comments like ‘oh no poor mummy another boy’ or ‘oh god I’d hate to be you when the girls are all teenagers!

Try a positive comment like ‘how blessed you are to be raising 4 girls to become empowered kick ass women’ or ‘all boys to love and who will love you, that’s fucking awesome!!

And if that’s a stretch just try saying congratulations without mentioning gender and leave it at that…..I promise you that pregnant women everywhere will thank you for it!

Have you received these comments before?

Share below in the comment section xx

6 thoughts on “Yes I have 4 kids and yes they are all girls..

  1. I feel your pain sister. When I had my first set of twins & they were the pidgeon pair, I couldn’t believe the amount of people who told me how clever I was (??). Then I went back for more & had another set of twins, both girls this time, people ask me why would I go back for more when I already had a boy & a girl. None of your business & it’s also none of your business that I lost a little boy in between both set of twins so was always going to have more kids anyway. People can be so insensitive without realising

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww I’m so sorry hun!!!

      It’s so true though it is done innocently but can talking about it can educate us on the fact that these comments really are negative on so many levels xxx


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