To all the mothers doing the best that you can, you are worthy.

To the mums who broke down today after being up all night with a sick child, you are doing an amazing job mumma.

To the mum who felt inadequate today, you are enough.

To the working mum who feels like your kids are missing out on having you around enough, You are allowed to love your career guilt free and you are modelling a strong work ethic they will thank you for it.

To the SAHM who feels guilty for wanting a break from your children, you can not pour from an empty cup so go and watch that new Jason Mamoa movie, get that pedicure, go out with the girls and have that wine because you truly deserve it.

Woman crying covering her face with her hand. Black and white photo of woman. Long brown haired woman

To the mum who hid in the bathroom and cried to yourself today, you are not alone and I see you.

To the mum who struggled to get out of bed this morning to face the day, you still got up and you survived. You are an inspiration .

To the mum who lost her temper today and said things you didn’t mean, you are only human and we all make mistakes so forgive yourself because your kids already have.

To the mum who is too scared to ask for help, you are not a failure for needing support.

It takes a village mumma.

To the mum who is feeling guilty about ordering pizza tonight instead of cooking after a long day, your kids are fed. Enough said.

To all the Mums reading this feeling as though you are failing at this motherhood gig, it’s ok not to have your shit together.

It’s ok to wear trackies and a mum Bun every day even to school drop off.

It’s ok to feel overwhelmed and to cry silent tears in the shower.

You are doing your best with what you have and that is enough and then some so be kind to you.

You are worthy, YOU are the real fucking MVP!

2 thoughts on “To all the mothers doing the best that you can, you are worthy.

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    I’m available to read your post at my convenient time.

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    I still remain  the simple blogger…..

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