We cancelled Easter this year and we’re not sorry at all!

We done a thing, We cancelled Easter Day this year….

Ok Janet go and get yourself a cuppa, call Chad to bring you home some of those nice bikkies you love to dunk in your tea and get your judgy gasps prepared for what you’re about to read…

Lady holding a cup of tea stirring with a spoon. Floral dress

Every single year on Christmas and Easter we do the same thing, we do exactly what is expected from us.

At Christmas I spend way too much money on presents we don’t need and end up in the donate pile a few months later.

Broken dolls and games with missing pieces lie around the house, the monopoly board with no money and a missing boot piece constantly reminding Me of the ridiculous amount of money that I wasted that could of been saved for a family holiday.

Before we have the chance to even pack the kids presents away the chocolate eggs are stocked on the shelves and the kids excitement for the impending Easter bunny visit is almost too much for kids to handle.

For me as a single parent though who knows the cost of a Cadbury egg is nearly as much as a kidney on the black market, it becomes a source of anxiety over how I will afford to get 4 kids and the family Easter eggs and how will I make it through the holidays with 4 kids on a constant sugar high?!

Outtl girl with curly hair eating an Easter egg, Cadbury egg

But it’s not just the money that kills me, it’s not the missing puzzle pieces or even the sugar high, it’s that We do this every single year and then every single year we are expected to be everywhere else but home.

We wake up extra early and open presents, and then rush through breakfast screaming at everyone to hurry up so we can be on time, within an hour or two we are in the car travelling and Half the day is spent driving from one auntys to anothers, from one families to another.

Just to be clear I love both of these days and I LOVE being with my family. I live for Christmas, honestly I think I love it more than my kids and Easter is always a great long weekend spent eating, drinking and being merry but each year my girls ask why can’t we just stay home for one year so this year we are doing shit differently.

This year we cancelled Easter Day the way we are expected to enjoy it…..this year we are doing it our way 🐰

We are not buying a huge amount of eggs but instead we are all getting one egg (and hunting eggs for Amarlie) and a new Easter outfit each for winter along with a dressing gown and slippers from Kmart.

We are not going to wake up early to rush breakfast which will undoubtedly be covered in chocolate, to be somewhere at a particular time.

Black plate on a white table, waffles with chocolate and berries, Easter eggs, Cadbury Easter eggs,

I struggle on a normal day to get the kids out of the house by 9am but when there are presents or chocolate involved getting us all ready and out of the house is as painful as being forced to watch an episode of fuller house!

We are not going from house to house,

we aren’t driving half the day or watching the clock and we are not doing anything that is expected of us.

This year my girls are getting their Easter wish and we are not doing anything other Than whatever we like at whatever time we like…..

Three girls sitting on the floor with black boots, clothes and Cadbury Easter eggs. Girls smiling at each other

So how are your tea and biscuits Janet?

6 thoughts on “We cancelled Easter this year and we’re not sorry at all!

  1. I don’t think it’s possible to adore you any more than I do! You are such a breath of fresh air in your honesty. You (obviously) are such an amazing mum and human being. I am SO happy to be following your blogging journey and get a glimpse into your life because it is refreshing to see someone so genuine. ❤❤❤

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  2. I love it! I have the same problem; running from place to place, trying to make sure everyone gets to see everyone and everyone is happy! This year, I really need to do what makes me happy. And what makes me happy is not running all over town. Love you babe! You’re absolutely wonderful. You’re such an inspiration. ♥️

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  3. Good for you! My kids will tell you their favorite Christmas was the year we stayed home and did nothing but played with the games they got under the tree!

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