Siblings rivalry, they’re a pack of wolves!

Sibling rivalry is a killer, the middle two especially just do not stop fighting…..ever!

I was an only child so didn’t really get the memo that kids, especially siblings, really can be vicious little wolves that hunt in packs, snarling and showing their teeth with the hair in the back of their necks prickling up as they circle their prey….

Wolf pack walking in snow, wolves, pack animals hunting.

FAAAAARK, someone in this house is always itching for a fight and it starts over the stupidest shit! Yesterday they fought over who’s turn it was to put the dishes away.

That would be cool and all but they don’t even take turns, one rinses the dishes and packs the dishwasher and the other unloads and puts away and it has been that way for 3 months since we moved in…..


How are they even getting that twisted?!

Then they fought over where the tea towels, that have been kept in the same place since the beginning of time, should now be kept…

FYI – they are now still in the





They fought over who was going to face the bug army outside last night to feed the cats, the same cats that they both feed every single day, the same f**king cats I had asked them to feed at least 7 times throughout the day to avoid being Christmas beetle’d right in the face!

After calling a time out and separating them I dozed off on the lounge but the wolf gang had secretly reunited and that’s when I heard it.

It woke me up, that ear piercing, shrill sound of the iPad alarm which had been set NOT so they could take turns, oh no, that would be too easy..

No, no, no!!

It wasn’t set so they could each just have a turn and play nicely together, no, it was set so miss 12 knew she had used up her allocated time allowance of being in miss 13’s room and she had to leave at that very second without so much as a warning growl.

I saw red, I’d had enough and went all Alpha wolf on the pups ass, it was my turn to snarl and show my teeth and that was enough, they backed down with their tails between their legs.

And then this happens….

Sisters siblings

I see this and I know I am raising them right!

They may rip into each other, every single day but they are fiercely protective of each other and ALWAYS look after their own so if you mess with the pups, prepare to have your f**king face ripped off!

And JUST LIKE THAT, the wolf pack come together and they are beautiful and fierce and strong when united.

Do you have a little wolf pack at home?

#yesthatchildscroptopisinsideout #stillwontsharetheblanketsthough #wolfpack

7 thoughts on “Siblings rivalry, they’re a pack of wolves!

  1. I have the same with the twins. Always having a go at each other but then, when no one is watching, they play minecraft together and he lets her play in creative mode. Haha the sacrifices he makes for her!!


  2. I have three little brothers and we didn’t fight a whole lot. But when we did, we tried to MURDER each other. We’re all adults now and we would kill FOR each other..instead of each other. My baby boy loves to provoke his 12 year old sister…and he isn’t even walking yet. I can’t wait wait to see how their relationship is going to go


  3. I may not be a mother but eventually I will one day but I definitely understand what it’s like to be a sister. Fighting over the dumbest of things but at the same time you love each other at the end of the day. You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family.

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      1. It’s fun being a sibling but at the same time as it can get annoying. But all in all it’s cool


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