About me.

What can I say?!!!

No really, what can I say? I have found this Blog the hardest one to write, I’ve written it and edited it and then rewritten it again many times, I’m stuck on what to say…..that NEVER happens!

I’ve stalked other blogs for months now reading one ‘about me’ page after another and I am still no closer to figuring out what the fuck to write about myself…..

I have the usual things I can talk about like how I am a single mum to 4 daughters, each one has a different personality and their own particular talents and interests. We are a loud, crazy messy bunch who have been through a lot together, actually we’ve been to hell and back the last few years after losing my best friend and soul mate Adam to suicide a few years ago we lost my baby’s father Jay to suicide in December 2017. We had to leave our home and lived in my parents converted garage for 6 months before we finally found our own place and settled in.

I could tell you how I run a support group for mums and women And my main mission is to empower them to be able to embrace themselves fully and to live a balanced lifestyle, I love everything to do with women owning their shit!!!

I could let you know my obsessions are finding the perfect pair of ripped jeans, the perfect Glass of Sav and surfing the net in search of songs that give me all the feels and hilarious video’s with cats walking on cactuses and dogs searching frantically for their owners that disappeared behind a sheet somehow!

I Could tell you my biggest fears in life are my children suffering in any way ever, failure and failing my girls and birds……..fucking birds!!!!

It’s so much me talking about me!

I was even going to go with 10 fun facts about the plumo family (that’s us FYI) BUT I decided to ask other people what they thought about me instead. Fucking crazy right?!

I was actually really nervous about putting a call out for my FB besties to tell me what they really think of me in one sentence.

It really could of gone many ways, so so many ways but I promised myself that I’d post what people wrote no matter how confronting. The good, bad and downright hilarious!

Instead I was met with beautiful comments filling up my notifications and I was genuinely surprised that people answered let alone in such a thoughtful and sincere manner and truth is I find THIS scenario the most confronting!

Taking compliments and allowing others to see them is still something I am working on myself even though I am preaching it to all the women I come into contact with at work and in my circle of friends and family. Even my own girls, I am constantly encouraging them to accept compliments graciously and to KNOW that they are truth so this is me taking my own advice……

So there it is, there is My about me written by those who know me best!

I will probably delete this eventually..maybe but for now this is staying right here.

Welcome to the family x