To the worlds best teacher, thank you.

Miss 12 Aiva-Leilani’s beautiful teacher Mrs Bickhoff has retired in preparation for bub no 2 and she brought each child a book and left a message on their bookmarks.

Wuthering heights book with green book mark with handwriting

Aiva’s message refers to her bringing intelligent and witty conversations into the classroom, she goes on to say how much Aiva helps others and she knows she will achieve amazing things.

THIS simple yet powerful message from a women that Aiva admires will no doubt have a lasting impact on her maybe without her even knowing for years to come but it will, children crave attention and praise and it really can just be one comment from one person who truly believes in them to give them the confidence and determination to follow their dreams.

Aiva has had trouble and finds it hard to control her temper sometimes since mine and her fathers relationship break down when she was only 4 and every relationship break down since then has had a negative effect on her mental and emotional well being. It is one of the main reasons I have decided to stay single because I can not imagine her having to go through yet another heartbreak.

She feels my break ups as much as I do, she is extremely empathetic and takes on my emotions. She also has anxiety issues and that results in her taking blame for adult issues no matter how much I reassure her that she was not involved let alone at fault in any way and sometimes adults just can’t work their shit out.

As a consequence to these issues she started being labelled ‘Angry Aiva’ by her sisters and others around her and if a child is told something enough they’ll believe it and eventually they’ll behave the exact way they’re being perceived, when I realised she was being bullied I put a stop to it but the damage was done so I immediately put strategies in place such as counselling and really learning Self love

This year has been really good for her, she was placed with a great teacher, her counsellor believes not only does she no longer need to be there but is in a position to help other children who may be struggling and she has bonded with Tigah Rosie which has always been a struggle for her.

When she read this to me her voice quivered and her smile was bright and could be seen from across the street, she read something about herself that although she has heard from me and others she was reading it from someone she admires and respects and i watched on as it was fully absorbed by her.

Young girl with blonde bobbed hair smiling in white singlet saying weekend

I was such a proud mumma especially when I read that she was witty…..she’s her mother’s daughter and helping others to feel great about themselves is something that fulfils me as well, my Healthy Mummy group is full women supporting women.

So to all of the teachers out there you are fucking amazing! Thank you so much for doing such an under appreciated and at times thankless job, You are literally changing lives and helping to shape our children’s future.

And to Mrs Bickhoff I want to thank you personally, you’ve done more for Aiva-Leilani than you know. When she brought you the ‘Best teacher ever’ mug and the little succulent plant out of her own birthday money she really meant it, you are appreciated x

13 thoughts on “To the worlds best teacher, thank you.

  1. This is so beautiful! Teachers hold such a tremendous amount of power over their children. They really can make such a difference in their lives. I’m so happy your daughter is taken care of.

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  2. Such a lovely story – thank you for sharing! Your daughter is beautiful and lucky to have such a wonderful mum! Teachers make all the difference – not fancy school buildings or layers of educational admin. Over and over again studies show that a really great teacher is all you need. I do hope we will start giving them their due!


    Misty Ann

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